video editing

i'll edit videos for your YouTube/Odysee/VidBit/etc. channel starting from just $1 USD.

what i can do

i usually cut up gameplay footage, sync facecams to gameplay, cut up downtimes on tutorials, apply punch-ins where necessary, perform some colour correction and mic audio enhancements where necessary, and i generally aim to lead a light-hearted atmosphere in a video, with inclusions of jokes/memes if desired.
because of my own content creation endeavours, i also commonly edit tutorials, usually with screen captures where i zoom in on relevant areas, and keep pacing high priority so the video is more easy to follow in real time.
another thing i sometimes do is cut down streams into shorter, more digestible highlight videos, including optionally turning memorable clips into a format suitable for YouTube Shorts, TikToks etc.

examples of my work

note: click the playlist button on the top right to view some other videos i've edited for other channels than my own!

my pricing

all my listed prices are minimums. you are welcome to pay that price or higher, based on what you feel is fair.

Length Price
<5 minutes $1 USD
5-14 minutes $3 USD
15-29 minutes $5 USD
30-44 minutes $7.50 USD
45-59 minutes $10 USD
>1 hour $20 USD

i can also throw in a thumbnail at no extra cost; just ask for one ^^

...aanndd that's it! as long as you credit me in the description of your video, that's all i ask for ^^
primarily i receive payments through PayPal. if you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay through StreamElements.

get in contact

contact is key while doing these edits - i want to make sure the video comes along the way you were hoping!