support me

here are all the ways you can support me if you like what i do ^^

direct tips

Method Comment
goes through paypal, you shouldn't need an account
you get a tts alert if you tip during a stream
requires a paypal account of your own, there is a fee depending on the country you live in
payment methods include Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay
you can also set up a monthly tip if you wish ^^
liberapay lets you set up a single/recurring donation for as high or as low as you choose

my monero address if that's more your jam!


Method Comment
if you sign up for a MEGA account using this link, and purchase any plans now or later on, i earn 20% of the revenue at no extra cost to you
if you sign up for a Surfshark account through this link and use it for at least 30 days, we can both earn free days for up to 2 years

i also do freelance video editing and (sort of) web design, get in contact if that's of interest ^^