you want to support me ! how nice of you~
here are some ways you can support me and what i do, in order of how much they help


Patreon you can set up a recurring payment of $1 per month through Patreon and gain access to some bonus videos along with all my previous videos + streams in full quality !
Patreon same perks as Patreon ! i set this up for those who don't want to or can't go through Patreon
StreamElements you can tip me via StreamElements! if you do it while i'm live you can put in a message that will appear on stream <3
minimum $1 USD
PayPal send me a tip via PayPal! this may require a PayPal account of your own, if you don't have one you might be able to use the StreamElements link above
Monero send me a tip via Monero! as an anonymous currency i won't know who you are but tips are appreciated all the same !
Address: 49bE48jeMUJAUuvnAwdGPEQU2YdNk2idGapFTQ6hYyBzhyd9zRBpfrza88VyMp9vUg6qyUDFER7UNHAtVMGdjfXc591pAA3


Odysee join Odysee (alt video sharing platform) with my referral link ! i will receive LBC which will allow me to upload to this platform more

i also do freelance video editing ! visit my Fiverr if that's of interest ^^