various links to my channels around the web

video production is one of the main things i do online ! i do gaming, tech, stream archives etc.
videos from soafen, soafen2, soafenLIVE & soafenTV are mirrored on Odysee, a feature-rich alternate video platform
videos from soafen + soafen2 are also available on the FioVerse PeerTube instance
Twitter this is where i microblog about milestones, work on videos, stream announcements, etc.
Mastodon this is where i interact with others in a more close-knit community sense, in the mastodon instance of
TikTok all my short-form clips end up here if that's more your jam
Discord community chat room, bridged also to Revolt and Matrix
Instagram short-form clips and a couple photos end up here, i will probably end up deleting this at some point