hello world!

so, it's finally here, my very own blog, and it should be accessible all the way from the latest Android-powered kettle right down to the family DELL Dimension from the turn of the century, because why not?

what took so long ?

that is a gooood question. the answer is pretty straight forward: when i'm home, i'm busy with producing videos and streams! while i do get ideas for them all the time, side projects of mine such as the website and soafenTV are left to one side until i'm away from home, where i can't really work on videos or streams as much.

so now that i'm finally away from home, i got cracking on the final roadblock that was stopping this blog from existing–i do everything on this site by hand (...or paw), static site generators scare me, but i want to make my blog available over RSS!

as it turns out, RSS is pretty trivial to manually write by hand PAW!!1 and a guide that i came across from moth.monster was a very helpful resource to get me going ^^

what this blog is for

i plan to use this blog to house two things:

hopefully this will prove informative, helpful or at the very least interesting to someone else out there!

well that's pretty much all i have to share for now, i don't exactly have a comments section planned, but if you'd like to get in touch you may do so through my contact page.

bye for now :3