happy early new year !

hai everyones, happy (early) new year !

indeed, the year has come to a close this fast and i'm already regretting not doing more with my blog, but the reality is that writing something that i feel is worth putting up here is a daunting task!

for one example, i've had the ambition to turn certain more informative videos into article-format for wider accessibility, like my video on The Orange Box @ 60fps on Xbox 360. i was planning on adapting the script i wrote (something i rarely do as i struggle with writing as mentioned before) for blog format and linking to it in the video description. i still plan on doing this as i think it would not only be helpful for those interested, but it could also raise awareness of the existence of this blog ^^

as for now though, i'm away from home visiting some people for the rest of the year, as a content creator the end of december is my only real break from things, so i need to make the most of the time i have. i've also been staying in practice with HTML + CSS by working on a new website for Workplace2Software as i still do have ambitions to one day get into programming.

big thank-yous all around to everyone who stuck around or even dropped by this year, whether you were there for the opening of my Patreon, the grand return of soafenTV or simply said "Hi" in our Discord server or stream chat, thank you all. the community is why i do everything i do !

let me take a moment to highlight some of my personal achievements for this year:

regarding plans for next year, then, there's a lot happening in 2024 and i need to be able to finally turn this into something i can do to support myself. i've always prioritised quality over quantity, sure, but i need to be able to deliver more consistently if i want a chance to be picked up by the algorithm gods. this means i'm going to not only have to get better at managing my time but also finding something that is both enjoyable for me (and thus results in engaging videos) and performs well!

i've been taking a look at the sorts of videos i watch these days as inspiration, and i've been realising that even someone such as myself who enjoys long stuff (if i like the creator, i'm talking looonngg! 40 minutes+!), even i don't really follow episodic gameplays. the only exception i can think of is certain games that come and go, that i would have loved to stream but missed my chance to. (Amanda the Adventurer, for instance)

all that to say, the days of episodic stuff like Stray, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe et cetera are behind us, instead i will be doing longer cuts of games for the channel as i see appropriate. they may contain segments from several streams if i feel the game only really needs one big video (if i was doing Stray now, it'd likely be just two long, cut up parts, and Stanley Parable: UD would be one).

a quick recap of the main things i do, as we did launch a lot of new stuff this year:

that's all i can think to mention for now but i'm sure there's more! if i find any free time i'll maybe work on my websites or make something in Scratch or Visual Basic, or perhaps work on a side channel with friends such as The Winstons, a group scambait channel, or dabble with server things. i'm a big self-hosting and distributed computing nerd, (here's my Folding@Home page!) hell, i might even game! speaking of games...

do i use parentheses too often? (yes)

i've always wanted to have a place at the end of each year to acknowledge my favourites in certain categories, and, well, having the blog gives me a chance to do that! i'll keep it super brief:

honourable mentions go to Resonite, all of William Reid's music & the amazing talent over at Digital Foundry!

well i think that's all i have to say. if you've made it this far, wow, thanks for caring so much about what i have to say, and maybe there is some hope after all in this generation of Twitter X posts longer than 10 words being met with the instant reply of "i ain't readin allat"!

i hope you all have a happy and safe new year, and if there's one thing i'd like to leave you all with, something that i've learned this year, it's not to be overambitious - if you set huge dream goals that you'd love to reach, you may find yourself spending all your time fantasizing about getting there, but if you set yourself these smaller-chunked objectives, it can be really empowering and you may feel like you can do anything! it's certainly a lot more productive.

take this blog, for example. sure, i know how to do fancy effects, slick transitions and eye-catching animations, but i wanted something that would work on just about any browser. at the same time, i didn't want to go to the deep end of making sure when hand-writing this character-by-character i am adhering to every single HTML standard that ever existed, or that everything i'm doing works 100% on everything ever. i've struck a balance early on that i was happy with, and as a result i could spend a lot more time expanding the contents of this new site, and making little additions and changes as the year went on until today where i'm left with something i'm really happy with!

i hope you people crush your goals for 2024, or if you don't have any (whether you can't think of some or don't want to), just remember that you're still you, we're still here, and that's the important part! whatever hardships you may be going through now can and will be overcome with enough determination. i believe in you ! <3

i'll see you all next year, bye for now and thank you all for your support !